Congratulations on your purchase of a Customized Bobblehead!

Please read and follow these instructions carefully:

  1. After clicking on the Order NOW button below, please select the body style you would like to purchase. If you purchased a single body for $140, your PIN# will work for all single bodies. If you purchase a double body (IE Wedding model) for $225 your PIN# will work for all bodies. Please note that you cannot use a PIN# purchased for a Single body with any double body.
  2. After selecting the body please upload your jpeg photo (note it must be low resolution under 500kb) in order to work. Please select your colour options as well.
  3. When entering your email address please check and double check to ensure you are entering your email address correctly. Our system auto sends digital proofs for you to approve prior to use completing your order. If the email is incorrect it will result in delays. If you have a SPAM filter please turn it off during this process OR check your SPAM folder daily to ensure our email is not missed.

We look forward to working on your customized Bobblehead!

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